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Aviation Jobs

You don't have to be a graduate of flight school or an avionics degree-holder to apply for aviation jobs. Unless you're specifically targeting aviation jobs related to aviation management, a degree in aircraft engineering or aviation technologies and regulations is not always the first thing that employers look for. Under the category of aviation jobs are subclassifications of fields like engineering, human resources, aerodynamics and trades and apprenticeship.

Some examples of specific aviation jobs include rescue flight dispatcher, flight instructor, cabin crew, safety inspector, aircraft technician, aviation attorney, customer or passenger service crew and finance and logistics staff. The wide variety of aviation jobs only goes to show that whatever your academic background or interest is, you can find aviation jobs that would suit your skills and experience.

Aviation jobs: requirements and qualifications

As mentioned, there are different fields and industries that you can work in under the broad category of aviation jobs. The requirements and qualifications for the positions vary, depending on the specific aviation jobs you want to apply for. Say you're interested in going into human resource aviation jobs. The background that employers will require will have to do more with behavioral sciences. But if you're looking for aviation jobs that involve actual flying of aircraft and planes, then you'll need to have a significant amount of knowledge and experience on aviation and flight.

Like in other types of jobs, you'll also need to pass certain standardised tests and exams to get hired for aviation jobs. These aviation jobs exams may be highly technical in nature (for those applying as tradesmen, engineers, mechanics, etc.) or basic tests of aptitude and knowledge on certain fields. Most employers require applicants for aviation jobs to have a Bachelor's degree related to the field wherein they'd like to work in. This, however, may not apply in all cases for aviation jobs like airport front desk officers or for certain tradesman aviation jobs.

Aviation jobs: where to look for them

The Internet is one of the primary resources where aviation jobs postings can be found. From job search websites to official websites of airlines and the Air Force, you can access countless lists of aviation jobs vacancies as well as the skills and knowledge you need to be eligible candidates for employment. Aside from private airlines, the Air Force and flight schools, aviation jobs vacancies can also be found in aircraft manufacturing companies, cargo airlines, medical airline transports, professional development centers and colleges and universities that offer courses on aerodynamics, aviation electronics and related fields of study.